I check my hive about 3 weeks ago and had 8 frames built out.  I added a second brood box, and put a honey super on top of it with a queen excluder in between.  Was that correct?  Any help is appreciated.

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To help you, we need to know more about your approach.

1. Your new brood box has:

     a. only foundations

     b. only build frames

     c. combination of the above.

2. Why do you add honey supper? Is it with honey or empty? If it is open, is it build frames or just a foundation or combination?

3. Do you observe a honey flow, and if you know how much nectar is coming in?

4. How many frames of capped brood were in your original box?

5. What is the quality of your queen? For that, you need to look at the pattern of capped brood.

It is very beneficial to provide pictures to assess your situation to answer all these questions.

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