Beekeepers, If anyone has a bee related question please place that question here in comments or reply. We have some awesome beekeepers that are very happy to answer. 

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Yes, i placed apivsr mite strips in late December. I'm sure a double deep with a super may get unwieldy. I'm open to your other options.

How long do you plan on leaving the Apivar strips?

Option 1, split the ten frame into two five frame nucs.  Then you could either let them raise a new queen.  Buy a queen cell or a mated queen. 

Option 2, add a single medium on top of the brood box.   No queen excluder.  Place queen excluder on top of new medium then put honey super on top of that with lid. Once the new medium gets filled with brood, split it off, queen will most likely be in the upper box.  Confirm queen's location.  Move to new location.  Then see second sentence in option 1.

Newby question but if I split the ten frame do I have to move one of the nucs to another location? Thanks Lee.

two feet and turn the entrance in the opposite direction.

Good morning,  I recently moved some extra woodware to a corner of my yard including a deep box with ten frames of plastic foundation. It's up on two 4x4s. There is no bottom board but another empty deep and medium stacked on top with a cover.  About three days ago I saw a swarm come into it from the bottom.  It's in an awkward spot and I really can't have another hive on my property if I want to stay in my neighbors' good graces.  When should I put a bottom board in and when can I move them to a bee yard?  Thank you. 

So I moved a hive to a beeyard.  Closed them up at o'dark 30 and moved them about 20 miles.  Later that morning, around 50 bees are where the hive was originally.  Could these be foragers that were out during the night that just came home?  It was a full moon last night. 

I am interested in beekeeping and it was suggested that I look to my local beekeeping Assoc. To see if anyone would be available and willing to mentor me. Any volunteers? I am a newby so I need direction and guidance. Thank you in advance. 

I was out to install a new nuc and checked the other hives.  They do not seem to have much activity but, the bees inside seem good.

One of the hives I opened up I noticed the top of the frames seemed to be wet.  I had never seen that before.  There was honey in that super.  What would cause wet frames like that?  I didn't see anything else unusual.



Does anybody know when aerial spraying for mosquitoes will be done in Palm Beach County ?   Last time they sprayed I lost 70% of the bees :-(


Hi, I just checked the county site, they have a phone number tied to alerts on when spraying is done. Here is what they say also for updates:

How do I know when aerial spraying will be conducted?
Palm Beach County issues press releases to local media prior to conducting aerial spraying. In addition, there is an Air Spray Hotline at (561) 642-8775 with up to date information. 

Florin said:

Does anybody know when aerial spraying for mosquitoes will be done in Palm Beach County ?   Last time they sprayed I lost 70% of the bees :-(

Mike, thanks for the reply, that is all I could find as well.   Last November, I also added my email to be notified before they spray again in Boynton Beach,  but I am not sure how reliable their system is. 

If anybody in our group finds out when the next spraying is planned please let everbody know.

Also, how can we prepare for it?   I am installing a misting system over my hive area and I plan to spray the hives  when this is going to happen.   Did anybody try it, how many hours did you keep the water on? 

Does anybody else have a better idea?

I had a hive that just absconded.  Not split, they all disappeared.  No dead bees around, no wax months, just disappeared.  I left the hive boxes out there.  A few weeks ago the lawn guy was attacked mowing back where the bees are.  He has never been bothered before.  

I went out and took a look and the abandoned hive now had bees.  I am assuming a swarm took up residence in the hive.  I have been out to check this and the other hives and they are always very aggressive and very loud.  I am assuming they have no queen in the hive.  I went to look today but they were just too mean to continue.

What options do I have here?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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