Need help "re-possessing" or "re-capturing" my bees from my neighbors house!!

Hello fellow bee lovers,

I recently lost my bees (about a month ago) and soon realized that my hive - that was in my box thriving & with a healthy queen - is now inside my neighbors house - again. This is where I originally got them from.

I need help with:

Painting my bee box (I have all the supplies - just need motivation to get it done) and possibly cleaning it out properly before the painting.

Re-capturing my bees//luring them back into the bee box (I need the oil as I forgot which type of oil I am supposed to use) I learned this strategy at the 101 workshop I attended - how to lure a swarm - so the knowledge is there. =)

If anyone is in or close the east Lake Worth area (I am east of I-95) & is free on a Saturday or Sunday to come assist me, that would be wonderful. I miss tending to my bees!! Please email me - - thank you!

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