Elephants and Bees

Please watch this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkpNZx8YY-o  

and visit the site http://elephantsandbees.com/

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It is essential to distinguish between Africanized (most common Apis mellifica ligustica or carnica) and African bees in Kenia (Apis mellifica scutellata), two different species with other biology. Video by itself is educational, only almost 10 years old. The protection method virtually disappeared because bees are very aggressive and sting anything that is moving. Besides that, thank you for being a good scout and looking for interesting information for educating our members.

Dr.V, Yes!  All Bees like all people have the origins in Africa.  There is an interesting article in The ABJ concerning the scutellata bees in Porto Rico.  Jamie Ellis, PhD. is involved in the report.  The article describes how successful and docile the Africanized bees on the island have become.  The genetics have been confirmed. They are scutellata.  The author postulates the defensive behaviors have all but disappeared because there are no predators.  I think there are contributing factors.  Once again we have determined a biological organism is more than its genetic components.

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