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Hi Angie - I tried the link from the INFORMATIONAL LINKS and it is not working.  I did locate what you are referring to though:

BeeKeeper Registration:

Apiary Inspection:

I’m not sure who manages the website, but updating the links should be a somewhat easy fix :-)

I appreciate the posts and links very much!

I found this to be very helpful information from Apiary Inspector, Erin Jenkins.  She is very responsive and she uses same phone number for text messages.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 8:24 AM Jenkins, Erin <> wrote:

Good morning.

Thank you for reaching out about becoming a registered beekeeper in Florida!

I have included the following documents to this email:

  1. Application for Beekeeping Registration – you will fill this out with and submit it online or through the mail using my instructions below (but not until you actually get the bees).
  2. Brief Summary of FL Apiary Rules, and
  3. Beekeeper Compliance Agreement with the Best Management Requirements for keeping bees on non-agricultural land. I will go over this document with during your first inspection to ensure you’re in compliance, but it’s always good to review to get your apiary ready.

Your annual registration fee is based on the number of hives you manage. This will be due at time of registration.

Fee Scale:

1-5 hives:                    $ 10.00

6-40 hives:                  $ 20.00

41-200 hives:              $ 40.00

201-500 hives:            $ 70.00

501 or more                 $100.00 

Here are the instructions for applying online:

Visit our website at: 

Select: Pay/Register Online from the blue ribbon on the top of the screen.

Search for and click on: Apiary

Log in: User Name & Password. You will need to make one if this is your first time using an eGov account. [If you need to reset your account/password, call our IT Helpline at (850) 245-5600 then press #2 and #5]

Business Name: (Enter your name if you do not have a business name you would like to use.) 

Firm Number: 00000000 

Invoice Total: (see fee scale above)

Click on: “Upload Required Documentation” and then choose the file for your application.

Click the “Notice to Registrants” box

Click on: Checkout

This will take you to the payment screen to enter your payment info. You should get a confirmation number and email at the end of payment. Save that just in case.

If you would prefer to physically mail your payment, you can print the application and mail it with a check or money order to:


P.O. Box 6720

Tallahassee, FL 32314-6720 

Once application and notification of payment is received in the Gainesville office, you will be issued a firm number and you should receive your Certificate of Apiary Registration via email from

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. My phone number is below.

Erin Jenkins

Apiary Inspector

Division of Plant Industry

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 

(772) 577-9710 | | 

3479 South US1, Suite 104, Fort Pierce, Florida 34982

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