Section 1.1. The laws of this Association shall consist of the Constitution, the Bylaws, interim edicts, regulations of the Board of Directors and  Florida Statutes 617.

Section 1.2. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Active Membership in good standing of this Association, who are present at any Membership or Special Meeting called for that purpose, provided the proposed amendment or amendment changes has/have been submitted in writing in advance, and after first making a motion for any proposed amendment and then allowing that motion to lay on the table for at least one (1) meeting before a final vote is taken. A certified ballot, electronic or physical, shall be sent to all active membership in good standing to vote by the meeting at hand in which the voting is to be held. Each active member in good standing must complete the ballot with his or her choice for each position, date and execute the ballot, and return it to the Board or its designee(s) so the ballot is actually received on or before said voting meeting. Any ballots not actually received by the Board before said voting meeting date and time shall not be counted in the voting. The results of the voting shall be made available to the members of the Association as soon as reasonably practicable after the ballots have been counted and the voting results certified. 


Section 2.1. Eligibility The Association shall be composed of individual persons or entities interested in promoting the art and skill of beekeeping, and assisting the Association in carrying out its purposes. Membership shall be open to all interested persons or entities. There shall be no limit to the number of members, and individual persons or entities shall be eligible for membership on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability. 

Section 2.2. Guests Guests are welcome at all times. Non-members may attend PBCBA workshops, when available, at an additional cost. 

Section 2.3. Classes Members of the Association shall consist of the following classes: Active, Associate, Junior, and Honorary. 

Revised May 17, 2017 

2.3.a. Active An Active Member is a current dues-paying individual member. Active members in good standing shall be defined as having all dues paid and attending at least one meeting or event in the last six months. Only Active Members in good standing may vote and hold Office. 2.3.b. Associate An Associate Member is a current dues paying member. Associate members are any associations, businesses or corporations, both for profit and not for profit, as well as any local, state, or federal organizations. Associate Members do not have voting rights, nor the ability to hold Office. 2.3.c. Junior A Junior Member is a dues paying member under the age of 18 years, and does not having voting privileges. 2.3.d. Honorary The Board of Directors may by majority vote confer Honorary membership upon an individual in recognition of outstanding services to the Association, or to the beekeeping industry. Honorary Members do not have voting rights. Annual dues for Honorary Members are waived. 


Section 3.1. The Membership Year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of the same year. 

Section 3.2. The annual dues for membership in the Association are $25.00 per year, paid to the Treasurer. A “Lifetime Membership is available at the cost of $200.00 as a one-time fee. 

Section 3.3. Paid dues of $25.00 or $200.00 will cover one membership (one family vote per household), and each membership will be entitled to cast one vote at Association meetings. 

Section 3.4. Members whose dues are delinquent as of March shall be automatically dropped from the membership rolls of the PBCBA. A delinquent member shall be reinstated only after paying dues pursuant to Section 3.2. of this Article. 


Section 4.1. There will be one Business Meeting on the second Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise notified. The Meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m., and will be held at Pine Jog 

Revised May 17, 2017 

Environmental Center, 6301 Summit Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL, unless otherwise notified. This meeting is open to all, but only Active Members may vote. 

Section 4.2. An agenda will be prepared in advance for use by the Board. 

Section 4.3. The Business Meeting will be conducted in the following order: 

4.3.a. Call to Order 4.3.b. Agenda Presentation to Attendees 4.3.c. Reading of Last Minutes by Recording Secretary 4.3.d. Treasurer’s Report 4.3.e. Committee Reports 4.3.f. Old Business 4.3.g. New Business 4.3.h. Open Discussion 4.3.i. Adjournment 

Section 4.4. Business Meeting decisions are made by the Board of Directors after considering the advice and opinions of the Active Members 


Section 5.1. There will be one (1) monthly Membership Meeting on the first Friday of the month at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise notified. The Meeting will be held at Pine Jog Environmental Center, 6301 Summit Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL, unless otherwise notified. This Meeting will be open to the general public. 

Section 5.2. The Membership Meeting will be conducted in conformance with Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, and in the following order: 

5.2.a. Call to Order 5.2.b. Introduction and Welcome to New Members and Guests 5.2.c. Miscellaneous Business 5.2.d. Introduction of Speaker 5.2.e. Presentation by Speaker 5.2.e. Raffle 5.2.g. Adjournment 

Revised May 17, 2017 


Section 6.1. Eligibility The Board shall comprise the President, the First Vice President, the Second Vice President, the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and the Immediate Past President. All positions on the Board will remain in effect for one year. All Board Members shall have voting privileges. 

Section 6.2. Elections A candidate for an elected Office shall be elected when that candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. 

Section 6.3. Duties The day-to-day management of the PBCBA shall be vested in the Board. The Board transacts the general business of the Association. All questions of policy shall be voted on by the Board of Directors after considering the advice and opinions of the Active Members. 

Section 6.4. Special Meetings of the Board Board meetings may be called by the Recording Secretary on the request of the President or a majority of the Board of Directors. If the Recording Secretary is not available, the President may call for a Meeting. A Meeting may also be called by 25% of the Active Members. Minutes of these Meetings shall be kept and made available. 

Section 6.5. Quorum A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Every decision made by a majority of the Directors at a duly-held meeting at which a quorum is present, shall be regarded as an act of the PBCBA. 


Section 7.1. President The President 

7.1.a. shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors. 7.1.b. shall have the power to call Special Meetings when considered necessary. 7.1.c. shall enforce strict observance of the laws and policies of the Association. 7.1.d. shall decide points of order. 7.1.e. shall have power to appoint any Officers or committee members not provided for by the Constitution or these Bylaws. 7.1.f. shall be the liaison with Pine Jog Environmental Center, at which many of PBCBA’s functions are held. 7.1.g. shall appoint Standing and Special Committee Chairpersons, and shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees, except for the Nominating Committee, and 

Revised May 17, 2017 

shall work closely with the appointed Chairpersons. 7.1.h. shall appoint a Parliamentarian as deemed necessary. 7.1.i. shall be authorized to sign checks. 7.1.j. shall be responsible for all legal documents, which shall be kept in the Association files. 7.1.k. shall maintain a list of duties and responsibilities pertinent to all Committees. 7.1.l. shall retrieve and respond to, as necessary, all mail and other communication received at the Association’s principal Office. 

Section 7.2. Vice President (s) The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties, and shall succeed to those powers and duties in the absence or disability of the President. In the event of a permanent vacancy, the Vice President shall function as President until an election can be held. The designation and duties of the Association’s Vice Presidents are as follows: 

7.2.a. First Vice President––Administration––responsibilities include, 

but are not limited to: 7.2.a.1. assisting in the performance of the President’s duties. 7.2.a.2. operating the Association’s educational programs and fundraising efforts. 7.2.a.3. serving as Chairperson of the Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee. 7.2.a.4. serving as a member of the Finance Committee. 

7.2.b. Second Vice President Membership––responsibilities      include,     

but are not limited to: 7.2.b.1. coordinating all events to encourage the recruitment of 

prospective members, and enhancing the membership experience. 7.2.b.2. maintaining a member database, coordinating the 

Association’s mentorship program, correspondence with prospective members, and organizing new member orientations. 

7.2.c. this Association designates 

7.2.c.1. the First Vice President— Administration as being first to temporarily succeed to the power and duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President. 7.2.c.2. the Second Vice President —Membership shall be second in order to temporarily succeed if necessary. 

Section 7.3. Treasurer Treasurer duties: 

7.3.a. shall be the custodian of the Association’s funds, and receive all membership and affiliation dues and other income of the Association unless otherwise stipulated by the President. 7.3.b. shall keep an accurate account of all money received and expended in books 

Revised May 17, 2017 

provided. 7.3.c. shall receive all money coming into the Association. 7.3.d. shall make all deposits and withdrawals expeditiously no later than thirty (30) days in a local bank designated by the Board of Directors. 7.3.e. shall make a monthly reconciliation of cash receipts and disbursements, and the results shall be reported to the membership. 7.3.f. shall be prepared to review at each meeting all revenue and expenditure items since the previous meeting. 7.3.g. shall work with the tax preparer as designated by the Board of Directors to complete and file IRS Form 990 on a timely basis. 7.3.h. shall present at each Business Meeting, or whenever requested by the Board, a detailed account showing the exact financial condition of the Association including reconciliation of all receipts and disbursements. 7.3.i. shall, along with the President, be authorized to sign checks. 7.3.j. shall furnish to the Recording Secretary, at each meeting of the Board, a summarized report of all financial transactions since the previous Board meeting. 7.3.k. shall submit all records for audit in time for the auditor’s report to be presented at the Annual Meeting in October, and at any other time required by the President. 7.3.l. shall chair the Finance Committee. 7.3.m. shall turn over to his or her successor all funds, assets, and records of the Association and under the Treasurer’s control at the expiration of the Treasurer's term or terms. 7.3.n. Receipts must accompany a written request for reimbursement, unless approved by the President. Any expenditure, which exceeds the budgeted amount by more than $500.00, must receive the Board’s approval. 

Section 7.4. Recording Secretary The Recording Secretary 

7.4.a. shall keep accurate records of the Business Meetings of the Association, be custodian of all records, files, and papers pertaining to this Office, and present any recommendations from the Board to the membership. 7.4.b. shall collect and attach to the Minutes of the monthly Business Meetings the reports submitted by Committee Chairmen who address the Meeting. The Minutes shall be held on file for five (5) years. 7.4.c. shall be responsible for the general correspondence of this Association. 7.4.d. shall issue notices of meetings and other duties usually required of a Recording Secretary. 7.4.e. shall handle the printing, signing, and distribution of Certificates of Honorary and Lifetime Memberships. 

Section 7.5. Immediate Past President When the President’s current term ends, he or she becomes the Immediate Past President and a voting member of the Board for the term of one year. 

Section 7.6. Roberts Rules of Order, 11th Edition, or most current, shall be the authority, and govern the Association in business procedures on all points not covered by the Bylaws or Constitution. 

Revised May 17, 2017 


Section 8.1. Election Board members shall be elected annually from the list of eligible candidates presented by the Nominating Committee by vote of the Active membership at the regular scheduled November meeting. 8.1.a. Further nominations shall be in order from the floor at the November Membership 

Meeting, immediately preceding the election of Officers. 8.1.b. All nominees must have been Active Members for at least one (1) year (see Section 2.3.a.). 8.1.c. The Officers of the Association shall be elected by secret ballot, a majority of votes cast being required to elect, unless a candidate is unopposed. 8.1.d. The President shall appoint a committee of three (3) Active Members to count the ballots. 8.1.e. In the event there is only one (1) candidate for any Office, a voice vote may be conducted for that Office. 

Section 8.2. Terms of Office Board members shall be elected for a term of one (1) year for that Office (January 1 to December 31). 

Section 8.3. Installation The new President shall be called “President-Elect” until installation at the January meeting. All Board Members elected in November will assume their duties of Office as of January 1. It is intended that, during the period of time after installation, the outgoing Board Members shall assist with the transition of the newly-elected Board Members in assuming their positions. 


Section 9.1. Vacancy A Board Member’s position shall be declared vacant if the Board Member resigns or is unable to perform the duties outlined above. If a vacancy occurs in the Office of the President, the First Vice President shall succeed to the Office. All other vacancies among the Board shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the President with the approval of the Board. 

Section 9.2. Resignation A letter of resignation must be submitted in writing to the President as soon as a Board Member becomes aware that he or she must resign. The position shall remain vacant until the next Membership or Special Board meeting. At that time, the Board may recommend and elect a successor to serve the unexpired term. 

Section 9.3. At the expiration of their terms of Office, the Board Members shall turn over to their successors all records of their respective Offices. 

Revised May 17, 2017 


Section 10.1. General The President selects the individual Committee Chairs, and shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees. Each Committee Chair shall submit a year-end written report to the President, and may make recommendations to the Board. All Chairs shall receive a copy of the current budget to determine the maximum amount of Association funds each Committee can spend. The Chairs are responsible for keeping accurate records and not exceeding the budgeted amount. 

Section 10.2. Resignation of Committee Chairs Chairs must submit a letter of resignation with advance notice, if possible, to the President. 

Section 10.3. Committee Members Committee members are selected by the Committee Chairs for their expertise and interest. 

Section 10.4. Special or Ad Hoc Committees are appointed for a special purpose, such as hosting the State Conference, or collaborating on a joint project with sister beekeeping organizations. When the special purpose has been accomplished and the books have been closed, the Special or Ad Hoc Committee dissolves without further action. 

10.4.a. Audit The Audit Committee: 

10.4.a.1. is comprised of the Treasurer, President, and two other Active members. 10.4.a.2. the President shall appoint the Chair of the Audit Committee from among the membership of the Committee. 10.4.a.3. shall preferably hold at least one Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 10.4.a.4. shall annually audit the books and accounts of the Association. This audit shall be made immediately after the close of its fiscal year. 10.4.a.5. if, for any reason, the Treasurer is unable to complete a term of Office, an immediate interim audit shall follow. 10.4.a.6. shall report directly to this Association membership, and a copy of the audit shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors. 

10.4.b. Constitution and Bylaws Revision The Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee shall consist of five (5) members. The First Vice President shall serve as Chairperson. The President and three (3) Active members shall serve as additional Committee Members. 

10.4.c. Nominating: At the August Membership Meeting, the President shall announce the Nominating Committee consisting of four members. The members shall be chosen as follows: the Chairperson shall be appointed by the President, and three members shall be elected from the membership at large. No Nominating Committee members shall be eligible to serve on this Committee for two (2) consecutive terms. 

10.4.c.1. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of eligible Board 

Revised May 17, 2017 

candidates to be read at the November Membership meeting. Additional nominations shall be in order from the floor immediately preceding the election of Officers. All nominees must have been Active Members for at least one (1) year. 

10.4.d. South Florida Fair The Chairperson for the South Florida Fair Committee: 

10.4.d.1. shall be provided a current budget to determine the amount of Association funds spent for participation in the South Florida Fair held annually in January. 10.4.d.2. the President and Vice President shall serve as Committee members in addition to additional Active Members needed to fulfill the event’s needs. 10.4.d.3.Committee responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to: 

10.4.d.3.(a). purchase bee-related items for sale at the PBCBA booth, publicize said event, as well as recruit and track members for volunteer duty at the booth. 10.4.d.3.(b). designate individual persons or entities responsible for the safe transport and rotation of the observation hive frames. 10.4.d.3.(c). setup/takedown of booth. 10.4.d.3.(d). account for the safe keeping of the cash drawer. 

Section 10.5. Standing Committees are appointed for an indefinite period of time. A Standing Committee shall remain in existence unless dissolved by the Board. 

10.5.a. Community Outreach The Community Outreach Committee: 

10.5.a.1. will consider requests for Association speakers and participation in community programs, and recommend to the membership those events deemed worthwhile and timely. 10.5.a.2. will solicit and maintain a list of Active members who are willing and skilled to provide honey bee education to schools, and to youth and adult organizations. 

10.5.b. Finance The Finance Committee: 

10.5.b.1. shall have as its Chairperson, the Treasurer. The President, immediate Past President, and First Vice President will serve as Committee members. 10.5.b.2. shall commence on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December of the same year. 10.5.b.3. shall prepare a fiscal year budget, covering all expected income and expenses of this Association, for presentation and voting at the November Membership meeting. This budget shall be discussed and approved by the Board of Directors, and a copy of the approved budget shall be provided to the membership. 

10.5.c. Membership With the Second Vice President serving as Chairperson, the Committee shall: 

10.5.c.1. manage the annual membership renewal drive and membership recruitment, process new and renewing member applications, maintain 

Revised May 17, 2017 

accurate member records, and report to the President and the Board. 10.5.c.2. notify members whose dues are delinquent (see Section 3.4.). 10.5.c.3. send welcoming letters to new members, and acknowledge them at PBCBA meetings and activities. 10.5.c.4. report on membership activity at Business meetings. 10.5.c.5. issue surveys to learn about the concerns and desires of members. 

10.5.d. Raffle The Chairperson for the Raffle Committee: 

10.5.d.1. shall provide a set monthly budget to be spent in obtaining beekeeping related equipment and supplies to be raffled to be approved by the board. 10.5.d.2. may request supplemental funds if needed. 10.5.d.3. shall be turned over to the Treasurer all monies received from this activity. 10.5.d.4. shall furnish a copy of receipts for purchased items, in order to be reimbursed. 

10.5.e. Speaker and Program The Chairperson for the Speaker and Program Committee: 

10.5.e.1. shall provide a set budget to be spent in obtaining speakers, and conducting educational programs and workshops to be approved by the board. 10.5.e.2. shall establish and promote worthy educational activities for the benefit of the membership of this Association. 10.5.e.3. shall arrange upcoming Association year’s speakers and workshops, being careful not to repeat topic programs in consecutive years. 10.5.e.4. shall arrange in advance for the use and payment for a room at the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center for workshops or additional Association programs. 10.5.e.5. shall mail confirmation letters immediately after a speaker has been scheduled, with a reminder phone call two weeks prior to the scheduled date. 10.5.e.6. shall inform the Board of upcoming speaker’s requirements, costs and logistics at the Board’s monthly meeting. 10.5.e.6. shall immediately inform the Board of any changes in speaker availability or itinerary. 10.5.e.7. shall submit a speaker’s expense report for reimbursement of travel expenses, speaker fees and hotel accommodations on the date of the speaker’s presentation, or soon thereafter. 10.5.e.8. shall send a thank-you note afterwards. 

10.5.f. Website The PBCBA website is intended to: 

10.5.f.1. provide information accessible to the general public for the purpose of beekeeping. 10.5.f.2. expedite members receiving information. 10.5.f.3. provide a link to members unable to attend Association meetings. 10.5.f.4. protect proprietary information via password. 10.5.f.5. be directed by a webmaster, who shall be an Active Member selected and directed by the President. 


Revised May 17, 2017 

10.5.f.6. Webmaster responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to: 10.5.f.6.(a). create and moderate select Menu pages. 10.5.f.6.(b). monitor content posted by others and decide what content to delete, in accordance with Web guidelines. 10.5.f.6.(c). post, modify, and delete content as directed by the Board. 10.5.f.6.(d). make changes to the website, such as creating and deleting pages, or uploading Association documents and videos. 10.5.f.6.(e). post, modify, and delete content as directed by the Board. 10.5.f.6.(f). effect design changes, as directed by the Board. 10.5.f.7. Postings 

10.5.f.7.(a). shall be by Active members only. 10.5.f.7.(b). must be related to beekeeping. Dead bee removal promotions will not be allowed. 10.5.f.7.(c). must be written so that they are appropriate for all to read, including children. 10.5.f.7.(d). must be your own material and not that of others, for example, pictures taken by someone other than yourself or copyrighted material. 10.5.f.7.(e). can provide links to external content that complies with the above. 10.5.f.8. Material that does not comply with any of the above criteria will be removed without notice. Active members who object to removed material may petition the board for re-consideration at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Board’s decision will be final. 


Cartoons, music, videos, pictures or any other printed material that bear copyright protection are not allowed on the Association’s Website. Association members who are not sure whether material is copyrighted, must refrain from posting it. 


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