History of the PBC Beekeepers and the Presidents

I know we are one of the oldest associations in Palm Beach County, but I do not know a lot of our history.  It would bee interesting to see and learn more about our history.  Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association was established in 1974 and that was long before we had cell phones and internet to share our bee pictures and club's history.   I would like to know more and need your help.

The intention of this blog is to create and paint/paste a history together, of clubs and beekeeping efforts in Palm Beach County.   Please share this page with your friends as they my know others that have been involved over the years.  

We can start by contacting all the Past Presidents for their input.  That is where we can use some your help.  We can ask them if they can recall some of the things they used to do or what issues they had to address.  I'll bet they have some black and white pictures we can scan into share what the times looked like back then in Palm Beach County.     

I'll start the President list and go back as far as I can remember,  let's hope somebody has a far better memory than me.  

2018 President   Lee Wisnoski

2017 President   Kevin Easton

2016 President   Kevin Easton

2015 President   Kevin Easton

2014  President  Al Salopek

2013  President  Al Salopek

2012  President  Jim Chapman

2011 President   Brendhan Horne

2010 President   Len Kahn

2009 President ?

2008 President ?

2007 President ?

2006 President ?

2005 President ?

2004 President  to    1974 ???  I heard Ute Hartman was the woman that started our Association but

2003 President ?                       have never had a chance to talk to her.  Can anyone help fill blanks?

2002 President ?

2001 President ?

2000 President ?

1999 President ?

1998 President ?

1997 President ?

1996 President ?

1995 President ?

Thanks for your Input and help !

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