Bee Removal Info




If you have come to this page looking to have bees removed from a house, tree, branch, or structure, let us give you some information.  

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers.  We, therefore, do not do bee removal/relocation services, but we want to help you with your mission to SAVE THE BEES! We strongly discourage our members who do not have the proper insurance and license from attempting live bee removals. 



Bee Removal Specialists charge for their services because live bee removals cost money.  Here’s why:

  • The Beekeeper should be registered with the state, be insured, and be experienced.
  • The Beekeeper must invest in removal tools and equipment.
  • The Beekeeper must purchase beehive boxes and frames to house the bees after removal.
  • The Beekeeper’s time investment as it can take several hours to remove a beehive.
  • The Beekeeper must replace the Queen Bee per State regulations, in an effort to control feral colonies.
  • The Beekeeper has car/gas expenses.

Live Bee Removals Specialists are just like any other service professionals, who service pools, air conditioning, and roofs.  Live Bee Removal Specialists are professionals who deserve to "bee" paid for their hard work saving the honey bees. Value your beekeeper as you would any other professional!

The following is a list of PBCBA  Active Paid Members that do be removals. 


  • Eric Baxter (Baxter Bee Removal), Tel: 561-294-7665
  • Kevin Easton, Tel: 561-758-9677
  • Brendhan Horne (Bee Barf Apiaries), Tel: 561-666-8233
  • Al Salopek, Tel: 561-346-1739
  • Joey Paquette, Tel: 561-777-6554
  • Sierra Malvone (Sierra's Bees), Tel: 949-784-9714


Note:  The information about these providers and services contained on this website does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by PBCBA. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.